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We are trying to find ways to be useful and provide resources and helpful information as we come upon it.

We are trying to find ways to be useful and provide resources and helpful information as we come upon it. We realize some of it may not be of interest to some but if we can help a few people manage through this time just a little bit better than it's worth it! It is so important to stay positive and gear your mindset towards things you can control - like how you're showing up in the world to those around you, how you're taking care of yourself, how you're spending your time. We can use this unprecedented time to come together and support each other the best we know how. 

​​​​​​​Be kind and patient! 

We could all use some extra kindness.

​​​​​​​With gratitude, Zamira & Christina

What's Happening Around the Bay Area

Below are activities you can do safely! Take a look at this compiled list of great shows & movies to watch with the whole family.

​​​​​​​Please be sure to check out the link below to Marin Restaurants Offering Delivery And Take Out Services.

Your travel plans may be thwarted for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stream some wanderlust into your life.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused some huge, unexpected changes in the entertainment industry. Now that many movie theaters are temporarily closing to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, studios are deciding to share their titles through home entertainment early.

Now, with people staying home, Universal Pictures will be the first to try the scheme by offering movies that are currently in theaters for home rental at a price of $19.99 for a 48-hour viewing window.

9 Ways to Stay Productive When You Work From Home

Many of us are spending a lot more time at home right now. Including the workdays. When we’d usually be reporting to our desks, we’re finding ourselves on our couches or at our kitchen tables, trying to complete to-do lists without the built-in discipline of the office.

Stay active without leaving the house by following these easy exercises – no equipment required.

Adriene Mishler’s yoga YouTube videos have more than 6 million subscribers. Why? Well, she has a video for everything, from long morning routines to quick, post-run stretches and movements for neck pain. 

So in the spirit of preserving mental and physical health, here are a few suggestions for large, spacious, lesser-visited parks in the Bay Area. 

The national park system in the United States is one of America's greatest treasures, undoubtedly worth traveling the country to explore. But, thanks to Google Earth, it's also one we can appreciate from the comfort of our own homes. 

Marin County open space preserves remain open at this time. Please practice social distancing based on public health guidance if visiting a preserve. View the list of locations that are currently open.

A dry-aged, bone-in rib-eye is a thing of carnivorous beauty, equally delicious splashed with pan drippings, topped with steak sauce, or served with nothing but a sprinkle of salt and a mandatory side of mashed potatoes. Craving one, yet? If only we could get ourselves to a great steakhouse. Well, that's not an option right now. But since we're all stuck at home, this dilemma presents an opportunity: Learn how to dry-age your own steak. 

There are so many great things about working from home, not the least of which is flexibility around things like meals. You're not limited to what you bring, what you find in the break room, or the few restaurants around your office. 

As social distancing and self-quarantines become the COVID-19 norm, it's time to cook. Our own team of cooks share tricks and recipes to make it easy.

How to Keep Restaurants Afloat During the Lockdown 

Restaurants and bars are known for operating on slim margins, and with customers reducing the spread of the coronavirus by staying at home instead of dining out, those margins may not be enough for some to survive the sudden drop in business.

Local Grocery Stores Offering Seniors Only Hours

Grocery stores around the Bay Area and beyond are adjusting their store hours to make sure seniors and other at-risk persons can cross items off their shopping list.

6 Ways You Can Help Your Community Fight The Impacts Of Coronavirus

Although no one can single-handedly obliterate the virus or halt its wide-ranging impacts, there are still plenty of ways to help. Charities, nonprofits and community aid networks across the D.C. region are mobilizing to help the most vulnerable people among us.

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