Every Seller loves to see the JUST SOLD sign put up! I will put every ounce of energy and expertise to get that sign up as quickly as possible resulting in the highest trade price the market will bear. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect in the selling process. And, I will take the reigns every step of the way.

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1. Let's Talk

Meet with Zamira to discuss your plans and goals, learn about trends in the current marketplace, and assess your property’s qualities and characteristics. Zamira will analyze comparable property sales, measure the competition, work with you to determine pricing strategy, and outline a strategic plan to achieve the best possible result for you as a seller.

2. Setting the Stage

Zamira has partnered with the best of the best to prepare your home to show in it’s best light. From applying a fresh coat of paint in the current color trends to rearranging furniture to any necessary improvements and/or repairs, Zamira will manage the entire process from start to finish.

Using only the best and thoroughly vetted local vendors, we will schedule a professional photo shoot and prepare a detailed listing description to showcase your property in its best light. 

At this time, you should also sit down with Zamira and complete the Seller Disclosure documents that will be necessary for the transaction.

3. Spreading the Word

To prepare for a successful launch, Zamira will develop and execute an intelligent and effective marketing plan to make sure your property is reaching targeted potential buyers. 

Leveraging our in-house marketing specialists and tools, our Compass marketing and design team works with your agent to produce beautiful print and digital collateral that supports the marketing strategy.

4. Making Connections

Zamira continuously leverages professional contacts and the Compass Network Tool to find ideal buyer brokers. Using our proprietary software, Zamira can connect with agents who have, or have had, similar properties for sale and network with them to search for buyers that were looking in your neighborhood and/or price range.

5. On the Market

Once your property is live in the MLS, it is ready to show to brokers and buyers. The listing is broadcast on and sent across our 100+ partner sites for the duration of the selling process. All scheduled marketing pieces are launched, including social media, print, email, and website communications.

6. Communication

You and Zamira will establish the best method and frequency of communicating as the process unfolds. Zamira will provide you with regular feedback and will keep you updated with continuous traffic metrics and information from the market.

7. Negotiations

Once we receive an offer, Zamira will contact you to review the terms and analyze the pros and cons. Together you will decide how to respond to the buyer in one of several ways: accepting the offer, rejecting the offer, or making a counteroffer.

8. Escrow

Once a contract has been agreed to and signed by all parties, an escrow will be opened 
and the buyer’s contingency period will begin. 

Timelines for the completion of buyer and seller responsibilities will be listed in the 
purchase contract and adhered to in the escrow. 
Zamira will keep a close eye on the timelines and ensure that you are in compliance with your responsibilities, while also ensuring that the buyer's side keeps the process moving.

9. Closing

Zamira and her team will monitor and coordinate all the details necessary to get you to the finish line. Once the buyer has performed their inspections and removed their contingencies and the loan (if any) is ready to fund, Zamira will orchestrate all the final details. At or near this time the escrow will close, payment will be made, and the keys will be handed over to the buyer.

10. The Future

Consider Zamira and Compass an ongoing resource for everything related to your home as well as other referrals taking advantage of Zamira’s deep-rooted connections in Marin.

Whether you're ready to sell, buy, or are looking for answers, let Zamira guide you!

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Zamira's perfected the fine execution of a successful and seamless real estate deal while exceeding client expectations with superior concierge service, savvy negotiations, a brilliant marketing plan and proven track record that always lands her in the top echelon of Marin County Realtors. Zamira brings an exorbitant amount of energy and enthusiasm to work every single day. With the highest level of integrity and impeccable reputation, her clients are always confident she is the most passionate and determined advocate to get them the results they expect and desire. Contact Zamira today to discuss your real estate goals. She's ready for you!

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