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Zamira Knows Marin | February Edition

Do What You Love & Love What You Do | February 2023

Dear Clients, Friends, Family, Neighbors, Everyone…
As I type this hail is coming down. Wow! What a month February has been and I am so excited that spring is approaching.
The spring market is going to spring back into a strong one! After a static fall, the buyers are out packing open houses and loan applications are doubling (primarily in the under $2m price point). Contingency-free and multiple offers are being seen across price ranges with new inventory that has just hit the market. But, generally, we are seeing more conservative overbids by buyers who presumably are putting more consideration into future repairs and issues drawn to light by upfront seller inspections. So, the overbids are happening but nowhere near the percentages over what we saw last year. Did you know about 25% of the homes that have sold YTD have been multiple offers? Not too shabby coming off some really tough months. So, with list prices starting lower and not being overbid as high it's not the insanely HOT Covid market but it's going to be a strong market. Buyers won't be paying the same outrageous prices (but they will have higher interest rates) and Sellers don't have to worry about selling at the bottom.
Seeing that we just came off a slow fall and seasonably quiet winter we don't have any good data points that reflect what is happening in the Marin market today. More to come in upcoming newsletters. I am sharing this info with you due to the extreme networking and connecting I do daily. I live and breathe my business and if you're a seller or buyer and need the best Realtor in front of you then let's talk.
Seeing that it's February (yes, I got this out with a few minutes to spare!) and the month of love I would be remiss if I didn't speak of true love....self-love. When we think of Valentine's Day and the month of love it's always geared towards loving someone else, a romantic love. But, nobody deserves your love more than you do. If we were all passionate about giving ourselves the highest level of love and care the world would be a better place because we would all be so much happier. So spend your time wisely, you can't get it back. I absolutely love what I do and try and let my passion for serving my clients be my guiding light in work. If you don't love your work then try and bring some other things in that keep your spirit alive and yearning for an amazing life. Below I included some fun quizzes to inspire you.
So whether you will be buying or selling a property soon or taking some downtime to care for yourself do know I am here for it all so please reach out and say hello!
With gratitude,

The High & Low of February

What was the highest and lowest sale of a single-family home in Marin this past month, you wonder...



153 Ridge Road, Fairfax

1 BD | 1 BA | 556 SF | $670,000


27 Bellevue Avenue, Belvedere

3 BD | 6 BA | 4205 SF | $14,250,000


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166 Crane Drive, San Anselmo, Sleepy Hollow

4 BD | 3BA | 3,680 SQFT | $2,400,000
Main House: 3 BD | 2 BA | Office | ~2,580 SQFT
Rental Unit (Lower Level): 1 BD | 1 BA | ~1,100 SQFT
This is a really special home and property and an incredible value!
Rental income to get excited about.
Solar (owned), Tesla battery wall, A/C, high ceilings + so much more




Bolinas Road, Fairfax

4 BD | 3 BA | ~2,422 SF | ~54,288 SF LOT


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